Datum / Date: 28-05-2022
Uhrzeit/Time: 11:00
Dauer/Duration: 1 Stunde
Ort / Location: Effekt Fitness, Ulmer Str. 40/1, 73728 Esslingen am Neckar
Trainer: Marco


GYM AESTHETICS (GA) is a modern German sportswear brand that completely covers the needs of an athlete. Gym Aesthetics products combine technical design and emphasize the aesthetic shape of the entire body. The Gym Aesthetics brand image promotes a progressive, healthy, positive and energetic lifestyle.

The "Gym A Club" is the exclusive fitness offer from our sports and fitness brand Gym Aesthetics. It was founded so that GA members can experience the brand live. In addition, GA offers a free course with professionally trained fitness trainers. Now we are back and training together to be ready for the summer.

#ChallengeYourLimits and be a part of this experience.

* By filling out and submitting this form, you register for the free Gym A Club course on May 28, 2022. If you have successfully sent the form, you will receive a written confirmation of your application for the Gym A Club online course within the next 72 hours.