Shipping & Delivery

Question: I did not yet receive my order, what can I do?

Answer: First, please check the tracking link we sent you, to see the current status of your delivery. If the package was undeliverable and sent back to us, please contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE and state your address, so we can double check the process.


Question: Which countries do you ship to and how much does it cost?

Answer: To see an overview of all the countries we ship to, please see our SHIPPING information. If you can't find your country on the list, contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE to check whether we can ship to your country.


Question: Can I cancel my order?

Answer: If you order has not yet been paid, you can always cancel your order in your personal account. If you ordered as a guest you can always contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE.Note: We can't stop or redirect already paid orders, since they're almost immediately given to our shipping provider.


Question: When will I receive my order?

Answer: After receipt of payment we process your order and usually send it out the same day. To see our standard delivery times, please see our SHIPPING information.

  • Your order has to be paid and ready for shipping until 1pm HKT that day, for same day shipping.
  • Note: Payments by bank transfer might take 1-3 days, depending on the bank institution.
  • Note: Delivery times might increase on special occasions, like special sales, new releases and holidays.


Question: How can I track my order?

Answer: Once your order has been shipped by our warehouse, you will automatically receive an email containing your individual tracking link. Click on the link to see the tracking information and current status of your shipment provided by the respective parcel service.

  • If you haven't received your tracking link yet, please contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE and state your order ID.



Question: I don't like the article I ordered - can I exchange it for a different one?

Answer: Sorry, but you can't exchange an article for a different article. That means you can always Send Email to us and send back the articles you don't like within 14 days after you've received your order. Here is the revocation form.

  • Once we received your return, you'll get a refund of the returned products by the payment method you chose.
  • After that you can purchase a new article of your choice.
  • If you just want to exchange an article into a different size of the same article, please see the next drop down paragraph.
Question: The article doesn't fit me, can I exchange it for a different size?

Answer: Sure you can! Just Send Email to us and send the article back to our warehouse.

  • Please state the kind of exchange you want, so our warehouse knows what to do.
  • If the new article you want is not available when your return arrives at our warehouse, we will refund you the appropriate amount of money.
  • In case of exchange the costs for the return shipment have to be borne by you. In exchange, we will send back the new article for free!
Question: I returned an article and did not yet receive any feedback?

Answer: Don’t worry, sometimes the return takes a few days, depending on what parcel service you used or other circumstances. If you still think feedback is long overdue, please follow these steps:

  • Please check the tracking tool of the parcel service you used, to see where your return is at the moment.
  • If you don’t have a tracking number or the tracking tool states, that the return already arrived at our warehouse – please get in touch with our CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  • State your shipping number, the parcel service you used and what kind of return you sent to us.


Question: I received a different article than I ordered?

Answer: We’re really sorry to hear that! But we’re only human, mistakes might happen. If we made a mistake like that, please follow these steps:

  • Get in touch with our CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  • State your problem and which articles are incorrect.
  • You will then get a free shipping label to send the article back to us, free of charge.


Question: Can I return an article that I don’t like?

Answer: We’re sorry to hear that, but of course you can. You can always return any article within 14 days after delivery.

  • Please also Send Email to us, so we know how to process your return.


Question: Do I have to pay for the return shipment?

Answer: Usually, yes. But it depends on three different cases:

  • You will have to pay for the shipping costs back to our warehouse.
  • Exchange – If you want to exchange an article into a different size, you will have to pay for the shipping costs back to our warehouse.
  • Incorrect delivery – If we made a mistake, like sending you an incorrect article, we will obviously pay for the shipping costs back to our warehouse.


Question: What do I have to do, if I want to return an article?

Answer: You can always return any article within 14 days after delivery. Please follow these steps:

  • Send Email to us.
  • The shipping address for the return is stated from our Email.


Question: Where can I get a return label?

Answer: This applies only in the case, that we sent you an incorrect or defect article. If so, please follow these steps:

  • Get in touch with our CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  • State your problem and we will check your order.
  • You will then receive a PDF return label, so you can send out the return for free!


Question: Where do I ship the return to?

Answer: You can send the return directly to our warehouse. Before hand, please Send Email to us. You can also find the Request ID & shipping address upon submitting the request. Our warehouse address:

    c/o Ideal-Pack GmbH
    Pfaffenstraße 47-49
    74078 Heilbronn
  • (!) Remember to put your Order ID on the package. Without this number, we cannot know whom this return belong to.
  • (!) An exchange is only possible if you want to exchange the size of an article.



Question: Which payment methods do you offer?

Answer: You can find an overview of all the PAYMENT METHODS right here. Currently we offer:

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Klarna
  • Apple Pay/Google Pay


Question: Where do I transfer the money to?

Answer: Please state your order ID and customer ID with every payment! Otherwise the processing will take longer. Here’s our banking information:

  • Owner: Gym Aesthetics GmbH
  • IBAN: DE11110101015390508933


Availability / Size chart

Question: When will a specific article be back in stock?

Answer: You want to order an article but it’s currently out of stock? Or not even showing up in our online store?

  • Bad news, but that usually means it’s sold out and not being restocked.
  • You can always stay up to date on new articles and restocked articles by following us on social media, for example on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.
  • If you want more information about a specific article, please get in touch with our CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Question: My order was cancelled, what happened?

Answer: This can happen because of different reasons.

  • This usually happens when you did not pay your order in time, so our system automatically cancels the order, so other customers can buy the articles again.
  • This can also happen if a specific article you ordered is not in stock anymore, once we process your order. In that case we will cancel that article and pay back the money you paid for it.


Question: Where can I find a size chart?

Answer: You can find the SIZE CHART right here.

  • Please note, that it’s hard to give you an exact fit suggestions, since we have a lot of different products, with different cuts and different fits.



Question: How can I use a discount code?

Answer: You can use your discount code in the checkout process! We offer a one-page-checkout, there you can see a field where you fill in your discount code. If there are any problems with your code, please get in touch with our CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Question: Why is my discount code not working?

Answer: This can have different reasons, usually it’s the following:

  • There’s a typo somewhere. Please double-check your discount code and try again.
  • The special sale offer has ended. (A lot of special sales and codes have a short expiration date.
  • You already used up all of your credit.
  • If it’s none of the above, please get in touch with our CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Question: Can I place an order via phone?

Answer: Sorry, but we do not offer this service. But if you’re worried about your personal data, you can always order as a guest.


Question: Do I need to register to place an order?

Answer: No, you can always order as a guest. That way you don’t have to create an account. But you will miss out on the following benefits:

  • See your order history.
  • Save payment and shipping information for future orders.
  • Save items in your wishlist.


Question: I forgot my password, what can I do?

Answer: In the login section you will see a “Forgot password” button. Please click it and you will receive further information via email.


Question: Why should I subscribe to your newsletter?

Answer: Subscribers of our newsletter have a lot of benefit:

  • Be the first to receive updates about special sales and collection releases.
  • Receive newsletter-only give-aways.
  • Receive special discount codes.


Question: Where can I find your current job offers?

Answer: Click here to see our current JOB OFFERS. You can also send an unsolicited application to


Question: How can I apply for a sponsoring?

Answer: If you think you’ve got what it takes, please send us an application to and the subject “Sponsoring application”. But first, note the following:

  • You should obviously be sportive and athletic, after all, we’re a sports brand.
  • Your charisma and looks should fit the GymAesthetics brand identity.
  • You should have some kind of reach, like popular social media accounts.
  • Please add all the necessary information, pictures, as well as your social media channels or other presences to your application email.


Question: I couldn’t find my questions in the FAQs?

Answer: Sorry we couldn’t help you out with our FAQ section. Follow these steps:

  • First, please get in touch with our CUSTOMER SERVICE so we can process your issues as fast as possible.
  • After that, please tell our CUSTOMER SERVICE that you couldn’t find any help in our FAQ section. So we can discuss and update the FAQs accordingly.