VIP PROGRAM - Member Exclusive | Gym Aesthetics VIP PROGRAM - Member Exclusive | Gym Aesthetics

Terms & conditions:

  1. In order to get the reward and membership points, customers must first register as members of Gym Aesthetics E-shop ( by entering the required information.
  1. For customers who are under the age of 18, they should obtain consent from their parent or guardian before applying for a membership.
  1. Members must register an email address which they frequently use. An email will be sent to the new member after successful registration for record. In case members forgot their password, a new password will be sent to this email address. 
  1. Welcome offer / points (if applicable) is applicable to customers upon successful registration. Each customer is entitled to the welcome offer once only. Gym Aesthetics will determine the customer’s entitlement to the welcome offer based on the customer’s purchase records on the E-shop.
  1. Membership and points are non-transferable. New member would get 100 points as reward.
  1. Member would get points for every purchase on E-shop, 1 Euro spending for 1 point.  Member can use the points to redeem coupon, voucher and other gifts by login to the account (
  1. During the 3X point campaign period, 1 Euro spending would be awarded 3 points. 
  1. Gym Aesthetics reserve the right to change the rewards and redeem items at any time.
  1. Gym Aesthetics reserve the right to suspend or terminate any membership without any prior notice if members use any accounts that belong to another person, or are found to be dishonest in their application for membership or exercise of member privileges.