Transformation of Gym Aesthetics; more than just a sports apparel brand

Gym Aesthetics is a fashionable and dynamic fitness and athleisure brand based in Germany, serving a worldwide clientele. Founded in 2013 by two Bosch engineers, Phil and Aleks, and two professional YouTubers and athletes, Karl and Ralf; Gym Aesthetics is more than just a sports apparel brand, it is always about lifestyle — a sporty attitude to life that feeds off fighting spirit, discipline, health, pride, self-presentation and a sense of belonging. Featuring men, women, and unisex styles, Gym Aesthetics is dedicated to bridging the gap between innovation and access within the worldwide fitness community.

While web 2.0 introduced a massive scale and winner-takes-all economics. Contrarily, it also left the bitter aftertaste of poor security, centralised process and dissatisfied customers.

​​Customers having higher expectations today isn’t news. They expect brands to not only provide the actual goods and services but also deliver impactful value.

This is when Gym Aesthetics takes the lead through an exponential change; introducing wellness metaverse where web 3.0 comes into play to prioritise individual needs and offer motivating values.

What is Wellness Metaverse?

Wellness Metaverse is a sustainable wellness ecosystem exclusively for fitness and wellness fanatics.

Our mission is to provide a sustainable wellness ecosystem where every member of the Wellness Metaverse community have the opportunity to build up a healthy body and a positive mindset while earning lucrative values simultaneously to improve holistic health.