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Unique, innovative, futuristic. Definitely some applicable attributes of the new GYM AESTHETICS Delta Cap
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The GYM AESTHETICS Flexfit Delta Cap Unique, innovative, futuristic. Definitely some applicable attributes of the new GYM AESTHETICS Mens running cap. This hat is something incomparable and that’s because of one simple reason. There’s just no product like it on the market, yet. High-tech cooperation Flexfit, as the world-leading expert in innovation and new technologies for headgear, designed a product with techniques that have never been used for any other cap. Passion for innovation is a key-aspect that both GYM AESTHETICS and Flexfit share. The perfect foundation for a successful cooperation. Thanks to the close collaboration with Flexfit we’re now able to offer you this high-tech cap as the first European sportswear-label. We are confident: the GYM AESTHETICS Delta Cap will play it’s part in revolutionizing performance-oriented headgear in the field of sports. The GYM AESTHETICS Delta Cap – Time for a feature revolution You’re into sports and like to wear a cap while working out? In that case, the Flexfit Delta Cap is the right choice for you. Especially for outdoor-sports, from simply jogging, trail running or biking, up to any extreme-sport, the GYM AESTHETICS Delta Cap will keep your head cool and dry. With it’s great design, high wearing comfort and efficient sweat absorption the cap is even perfect for the gym. An important point for wearing a cap while doing sports is the feelgood factor. And in this matter the GYM AESTHETICS Delta Cap is one step ahead of any other hat. The whole design is made for high-tech performance and maximum wearing comfort. Loss of weight with (almost) stitch-free construction The first thing you’ll notice about the GYM AESTHETICS Delta Cap, in comparison with other caps, is the light weight. The loss in weight exists thanks to the reduced stitch construction. Instead of using relatively heavy threads to hold the cap together, the GYM AESTHETICS Delta Cap was bonded – the fabric panels were welded with a special fabric-gluing technology. That’s a benefit you will definitely feel while for example doing a long jogging-sessions. Aufbau normale CapNaht normale Cap Standard Cap Pfeil Gym Aesthetics Delta Cap Gym Aesthetics Delta CapNaht Delta Cap Laser technology While the air holes in your usual cap are made with thick edges that are whipstiched, to prevent the fabric from rupturing, the air holes in the GYM AESTHETICS Delta Cap are lasered instead of sewed. With the laser technique it’s possible to cut a very clear and defined outline while the melting of the fabric prevents the holes from rupturing. Lasercut Löcher auf Oberseite der Cap High-tech material The material used in the GYM AESTHETICS Delta Cap is uniquely light, sweat absorbing and strong. It’s water-repellent and crease-resistant. Wasserabweisende Cap A highlight even in darkness The GYM AESTHETICS front logo also serves as a reflector for light just as a driver or a biker coming in the opposite direction. That’s a very important feature for the safety of athletes who like to workout in the early morning or in the late evening. Reflective Print auf Vorderseite der Cap Flexibility in every detail Without the use of stitches the shape and wearing comfort is vastly enhanced. The Flexfit Bond Taping that is used on the inside of the cap is extremely flexible, light and also anti-bacterial, compared to other hats. Erklärung Bond TapingInnsenseite Delta Cap Keep your head cool (and the sweat drops away from your eyes) An efficient temperature control is also important in high-performance sports. For the perfect absorption of sweat, the cap comes with an integrated sweatband. With the 3-layered construction you don’t have to worry about sweat dripping down your nose. Funktionen im Schirm The first layer serves as a fast and efficient sweat absorption. The second layer allows the sweat to vaporize. The third layer is a stain prevention layer and serves as a soft padding. With those technologies, the sweat is able to get outside, without creating a moist, unhygienic atmosphere underneath the hat and you don’t even have to take the cap off. Sweat that is dripping down your head isn’t an issue anymore. The combination of soft padding and very light weight gives you an unbelievable wearing comfort – no more pressure marks on your skin. An undervisor, not just for providing shade If you think, that the undervisor of the GYM AESTHETICS Delta Cap only serves as a protection against sunlight, you’re not entirely right. It is also made with patent pending stain block technology that diffuses sweat through the undervisor. Schweißausleitende Funktion Sweat that drips into your eyes is no longer an issue. You can easily solve this problem with the Flexfit Delta Cap. The efficient temperature control system keeps your scalp dry and prevents common colds and also gives you a great wearing comfort. Those of you who were irritated or annoyed with wearing a cap while working out, should maybe rethink their decision. Perfect fit into the GYM AESTHETICS product system Fitting in seamlessly with our current HiTex Collection, our first functional cap is the ideal choice for athletes in their element: high-performance sport. The perfect addition to our product range. All processing steps and features of this cap are made for performance. The technologies in this cap are not just in theory you can actually feel it. The GYM AESTHETICS Delta Cap – a cap made for sport. Motivate yourself – go outside of your comfort zone and try something new! A cap is not just like another.

92% Polyester 8% Spandex
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