1. December 28, 2020

    10 MIN BOOTY BAND WORKOUT | Gym Aesthetics

    Grab your resistance band and get active with Andrina at home! In this video, she will show you some exercises on how to effectively use a resistance band for a leg/booty workout. This can easily be done at home, but later on also used at the Gym to activate your muscles and warm-up.
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  2. November 08, 2020

    Three Exercises for a Strong Abdominal

    3 Fundamental Abdominal exercises for athletic purpose.
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  3. March 22, 2020

    HIIT Burner Circuit - 8 Exercises [Full Version] | Gym Aesthetics

    #stayathome and start your HIIT BURN CIRCUIT Even from home you want to burn many calories in very short time? For this reason we provided for all #ga_ladies a suitable #homeworkout, you can do easily in front of your couch.  Short and fast movements will make you sweat and burn your fat quickly. Don't forget to wear our new GA high-waist #compressionleggings during this workout for an optimal support of all your movements. Multifunctional technology of our new #compression product through integrated high-tech fibres protects your muscles not only during but also after the #workout. Enjoy and start now!
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  4. July 30, 2018

    Die beliebtesten Übungen für die hintere Oberschenkelmuskulatur

    Oft wird die hintere Oberschenkelmuskulatur nicht ausreichend trainiert. Diese ist jedoch besonders wichtig für mehr Hüftstabilität, einen wohlgeformten Po und einen ästhetischen Look. Die Pomuskulatur und die hinteren Oberschenkel trainiert man am besten mit funktionellen Übungen. Im Home Workout Zuhause stärkst du die hintere Oberschenkelmuskulatur z.B am besten mit dem Kurzhantel Beckenheben. Weitere Übungen und Tipps & Tricks rund ums Theme Training, findest du in unserem Gym Aesthetics Blog Magazin.
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