1. Stronger Together: Low Carb Recipes for a Romantic Dinner for Two

    Low carb dinnerDo you already feel the love in the air? Valentine's Day is here! On this On Valentine's day, there's nothing better than having a sweet-boiled candlelight dinner with your sweetheart and recalling the sweet memories of last year. Commit to your diet like you commit to your relationship. Dear lovebirds, check out the recipes and be stronger together!

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  2. Valentine’s Community Challenge

    Valentine’s Community Challenge

    GYM ARESTHETICS Valentine’s Community Challenge 2019

    We wish you a happy valentine‘s day! To celebrate this day and togetherness, we have a special for you!

    At this year’s valentine’s challenge, we give away:

    1x250€ Voucher

    1x150€ Voucher

    1x100€ Voucher!

    And participating is super easy!

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  3. No Time To Lose: HiTense Compression for Speedy Regeneration

    While your mind is ready to push your limit and achieve the next level but your body just said “No I just can’t take off”. Such a plateau during fitness journey is frustrating and annoying. No excuse - the pain is real (literally).

    Read further to find out how GYM AESTHETICS HiTense Compression helps you regenerate faster, so you lose no time to train better and get stronger!

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