1. March 15, 2019

    Demystifying Ugly Uncomfortable Compression Garment

    In sports and fitness, compression garments offer many benefits during and after workout. Imagine putting on compression garments, your sensation of muscles contraction is much better, as the tension of the textile exerts pressure onto your skin…
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  2. February 27, 2019

    Is compression for me?

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  3. February 14, 2019

    Stronger Together: Low Carb Recipes for a Romantic Dinner for Two

    Do you already feel the love in the air? Valentine's Day is here!  On this special day, there's nothing better than having a sweet-boiled candlelight dinner with your sweetheart and recalling the sweet…
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  4. February 14, 2019

    Valentine’s Community Challenge

    Valentine’s Community Challenge GYM ARESTHETICS Valentine’s Community Challenge 2019 We wish you a happy valentine‘s day! To celebrate this…
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  5. February 08, 2019

    No Time To Lose: HiTense Compression for Speedy Regeneration

    Long hours and intensive high-performance training can sometimes backfire if…
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