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Monatliche Archive: Mai 2020

  1. May 20, 2020

    [LIVE] Home Fitness: Back Attack Pilates by Jerry

    Hit the back as often as you hit your abs as having strong back muscles make you look slimmer. More important is to keep healthy posture in order to prevent various injuries. Jerry, pilates instructor, will show you how to sculpt and tone a strong and sexy back by pilates without equipment at Gym A Club YouTube Channel. Date: 20 May (Wed) Time: 19:00 Channel:
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  2. May 13, 2020

    [LIVE] Home Fitness: Booty Training with Ivy & Cathy

    Keep fit is an important agenda in girl’s life. Some even make it a hobby and in love with it. In our next live workout, we invite Ivy and Cathy, her personal trainer to show you best way to get a peachy booty. They will also share some fun and tough moments in their training life. You won’t be able to tell Ivy is 47 years old already. With her lovely face, wonderful body and happy smile, let’s get some positive vibe from her. Date: 13 May (Wed) Time: 7:00pm Channel: Gym A Club GA YouTube Channel.
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  3. May 06, 2020

    [LIVE] Home Fitness: Killer Abs Home Workout with Anca

    Gym Aesthetics is not only a German active wear brand but also a get fit partner of you! Let’s sculpt a rock-hard abs with Gym Aesthetics Trainer Anca at home. We wil have a YouTube Live this time. Please subscribe today! Date: 6 May (Wed) Time: 7:00pm Channel: Gym A Club GA YouTube Channel.
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