Reverse Flys (Butterfly)

The reverse butterfly exercise can be performed in the gym on its special equipment or on the combination device, where you can also train the butterfly exercise. Before you start your exercise, you must adjust the articulated arms to adapt to your right arm lengths, so that the exercise targets the right muscle groups.

Training course

Step 1: 

Now sit on the seat of the special or combination device. Your line of sight is in the direction of the working equipment. Set your optimal seat height so that you have a firm stand on the ground and your knees are angled in a 90 degrees position. When performing the exercise, shoulders, arms, and hands must be at the same height. Your upper body must remain leaning against the chest support during the entire exercise. 

Step 2: 

Now reach for the handles of the machine arms. Your arms should not be stretched out, but slightly bent. Sit up and keep your back straight. Your abdominal muscles should also be slightly tense to maintain a straight position.

Step 3: 

Now it's time to get started. Slowly and evenly push the two moving handles outward and back in a semi-circular motion. Move the handles back until they are slightly behind you. Breathe out slowly as you move back.

Step 4:

After a short stay in the final position, slowly bring the handles back in front of your body and inhale. The handles should not touch each other. Try to hold the position under tension for a moment. Then repeat the same movement from steps 2 to 4 a few times. When the strength is exhausted and the movement cannot be performed correctly, the workout should be stopped.


Before you start the ‘Butterfly Reverse’ exercise it is important to warm yourself up properly.  To do this, you can do exercises that work out the upper back in a similar way, such as push-ups. In addition, a short stretching of the muscles and tendons is recommended to minimize the risk of injury.

Tips for the right technique 

  • The elbows must not point downward during the exercise, but rather be directed outward. 
  • The head should form an extension of the spine anytime during the exercise. A common mistake is to lower the head forward when the workout becomes too strenuous, thus leading to serious neck injuries.
  • Your chest must be leaning against the chest support throughout the exercise.
  • You should hold the tension during the whole workout and not put the weight down.

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